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Science in Society #67 - Autumn 2015

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From the Editors
How Grain Self-Sufficiency, Massive GM Soybean Imports & Glyphosate Exports Led China to Devastate People & Planet
Announcing I-SIS Special Report
Banishing Glyphosate
No to Glyphosate
Fallout from WHO Classification of Glyphosate as Probable Carcinogen
Roundup Listed Carcinogen by Danish Authority
Don’t Let Monsanto Deny Glyphosate Carcinogenicity!
Independent Scientists Call for Halt to Glyphosate-Spraying
Climate Change
O2 Diving Towards Danger Point
Freeing the World from GMOs
“Monsanto, Out of China!”
China’s Ministry of Agriculture Accused of Colluding with Monsanto over Glyphosate & GMOs
China’s Transgenic Phytase Maize neither Necessary nor Safe
Bt Cotton Directly Linked to Indian Farmer Suicides in Rain-Fed Areas
Low Fat, Cholesterol, & Statins
The ‘Deadly Dangers of Saturated Fat’ & the ‘Superlative Safety of Statins’ Part 1
Restricting Dietary Fat & Saturated Fat, a History of Infamy
Statins: Flawed Studies, False Advertising & Lack of Transparency
New Cosmology
Supermagnetic Field or ‘Supermassive Black Hole’
Interview with Mae-Wan Ho
SiS Reviews
Genetically Modifying Genes & Scientific Evidence
Sceptical Doctoring vs Doctoring Data

Article first published 24/08/15

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