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ISIS Appeal

ISIS is an independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing critical yet accessible information on cutting edge science to the public and policy makers. We aim to reclaim science for the public good; to promote a contemporary, holistic science of the organism and sustainable systems, and to influence social and policy changes towards a sustainable, equitable world.

We produce regular press releases, in-depth reports, and of course, Science in Society, the only truly radical science magazine. We organise briefing meetings, including several at both the UK and European parliaments. Many politicians, campaigners, as well as academics around the world are now looking to ISIS for reliable and independent scientific information. We answer queries from every corner of the world, helping individuals, groups and even governments to defend themselves against the big corporations.

We do all this on a very small budget, and we pride ourselves in supplying more scientific information to the public per euro or per pound than any other organisation. But putting the information together and getting it out costs money, and despite the frugal way we work, it still costs more money than we have.

We are very grateful to donors who have supported us, without whom we could not have got this far. Thanks are also due to people who support us by buying our books and audio-visual material, and subscribing to Science in Society. We rely heavily on unpaid work, especially by several retired scientists. But we need more support if we are to carry on.

ISIS is filling a need for science-based information on crucial issues such as genetic modification, climate change, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, AIDS, holistic health, and more, and we need your help to carry on doing this.

Please consider joining ISIS as a Supporter or Sponsor. Supporters contributing at least £200 a year are offered full access to the ISIS website, including the fully referenced versions of articles. They also receive a subscription to Science in Society and can nominate 5 other individuals or organisations to receive free copies. The list of Supporters will appear annually in Science in Society.

Individuals or organisations that contribute £1 000 or more annually will be considered Sponsors of ISIS. They will be acknowledged in Science in Society and their names or logos will appear on our website and in our reports. Like Supporters, of course, they will receive extra copies of Science in Society and full access to the website.

(Some Friends or Supporters may prefer to remain anonymous, and of course we will respect their wishes.)

All contributions are most welcome, but because we have to be able to plan ahead we would be especially grateful if you could commit an amount for three years.

You can pay by cheque, by direct debit, or through the the button below

For further details, please contact ISIS

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