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Research and commercialisation of genetically modified (GM) organisms is exemplifies how science affects society. The adoption of GM crop cultivation has been widely studied and shown to impact both the health of people and the environment. Scientific publications, industry data, farmers and citizen reports provide toxicological, genetic, ecological, epidemiological evidence as well as witness statements relating to how the genetic engineering and artificial manipulation of life has far reaching consequences. Challenging a corporate coup of our food supply through thorough documentation and analysis of the evidence is necessary for survival of people and planet.

ISIS has been writing on these topics for well over a decade, and due to the very large number of reports we have attempted to categorise them. There is much overlap, however - if you can not find what you are looking for, try the search option (above left).

  • Biopatents
    Biotech patents, TRIPS (Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights)
  • Ethics
    Ethical aspects of biotechnology - biopatents, the precautionary principle etc.
  • Letters
    Correspondence to governments, policy makers, journals etc, relating to biotechnology
  • Regulation

  • Field trials, substantial equivalence etc.