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Leave Oil in the Ground, Renewables Can Deliver Climate Solution
Crude oil continues its downward slide while divestment from fossil fuels increased 50-fold over the past year; US-China accord on climate change gathers momentum, triggering a slew of new pledges to reduce carbon emission, renewables are booming and poised to deliver climate solutions for a successful climate summit in Paris this December
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 25th November 2015

China Commits $5.1 Billion to South-South Cooperation on Climate Change and Development
Two new Chinese funds totalling US$ 5.1 billion to help developing countries tackle climate change and development problems could be a game changer in South-South cooperation and international relations
Martin Khor - Director of South Centre, 23rd November 2015

Flow Forms Art Exhibition
To be water is to be freely flowing and spontaneous; to let go, to be out of control and uncontrollable. Exhibition and sale in aid of the homeless
, 19th November 2015

Announcing Science in Society 68 - Winter 2015
From the Editors - Continuing Demise of GMOs | SiS Obituary - Michael Meacher | New Cosmology | Commentary | Freeing the World from GMOs | No Nuclear | Food & Agriculture | Science & Democracy | Physics of Organism
ISIS, 18th November 2015

SiS Obituary - Michael Meacher
Champion of Planet Earth & Humanity at Large
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 28th October 2015

Volkswagen & Others Cheat Because Regulators Are Toothless and Worse
Volkswagen has been caught cheating on emissions by a civil society organisation; it is not the first time that the motor industry have cheated, nor is it only the motor industry that cheats. Regulators are simply not protecting public health and interest
Prof Peter Saunders, 26th October 2015

How the Electric Plasma Universe Creates Galaxies and Stars
A coherent theory of how galaxies and stars are created only exists in the Electric Plasma Universe
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 21st October 2015

‘Cosmic Web’ or Cosmic Electricity Grid
Observations on the largescale structure of the Universe over the past decades have given rise to the notion of the ‘cosmic web’, which is nothing if not the cosmic electricity grid of the Electric Plasma Universe
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 19th October 2015


Independent Scientists Manifesto on Glyphosate

Banishing Glyphosate

Updated 15th September 2015

Comprehensive and damning evidence links glyphosate herbicides with rising tides of cancers, birth defects, fatal kidney disease, sterility, and dozens of other illnesses. See here for more details

Ban GMOs Now

Ban GMOs Now

The most complete and up-to-date summary of the dangers of GM agriculture in 52 pages. Further details of this report are available here

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