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Plastic Plague in Our Oceans
Plastics production has gone up 560-fold in just over 60 years to 280 million tonnes a year, less than half recycled or buried in landfills, the rest litter the oceans damaging marine life throughout the food chain; scientists call for the most toxic plastics to be classified hazardous waste, and ultimately for all plastics to be reused and recycled in closed-loop systems
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 28th January 2015

Age of Oil Ending?
Oil prices plunging to a five year low sparked a wave of downsizing in an industry desperate to rid itself of stranded assets; meanwhile renewable energy markets are booming with ‘100 % renewables’ on the climate action plan, and civil society grassroots movements are winning major campaigns to divest mega-investments from fossil fuels and leave oil in the ground
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 26th January 2015

Waste Plastics into Fuel Oil?
One way to clear the existing mountains of waste plastics is to turn them into clean fuel oil; a company in New York appears to have done just that at a cost of 11 cents a gallon using unsorted, unwashed plastic wastes in a safe, environmentally friendly, and highly efficient process; but will this perpetuate our dependence on fossil fuel?
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 21st January 2015

A Roundup of Roundup® Reveals Converging Pattern of Toxicity from Farm to Clinic to Laboratory Studies
We need to ban glyphosate from our own communities as most governments fail to protect citizens
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji, 19th January 2015

The Intelligent Person's Guide to Economics
There are at least 9 different schools of economics but neoclassical free-market ideology continues to dominate academia, even after massive failures
Prof Peter Saunders, 14th January 2015

Global Assault on Seed Sovereignty through Trade Deals Is Assault on Human Rights, Protest is Fertile
From Asia to South America, the EU to the Caribbean, the corporate seed industry is using international trade agreements to criminalise farmers for saving seeds
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji, 12th January 2015

CaMV 35S Promoter in GM Feed that Sickened Rats Transferred into Rat Blood, Liver, and Brain Cells
The rats were fed an ordinary rat chow found to contain GMOs on PCR analysis using probes for the cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter, a gene control element in more than 80 % of commercial GM crops grown with potential health hazards predicted since 1999
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 7th January 2015

US 'Fracking Boom' a "Fallacy", New Studies Reveal
US shale gas reserve will run out much sooner than officially forecast, with important implications for countries looking to replicating US’ ‘fracking boom’, and all the more reason to bank on truly renewables
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 5th January 2015


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