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Monarch Butterfly Decline Linked to Glyphosate
Butterfly numbers are dwindling amid emergency efforts to mitigate habitat damage by glyphosate-tolerant crop cultivation
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji, 10th February 2016

Parents’ Eating Habits Can Affect the Health of Future Generations
Metabolic disease transmitted through sperm RNAs while mothers pass microbiome diversity to their children
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji, 8th February 2016

Cancer Not Just Bad Luck
While copying errors during stem cell division are a significant cause of cancer, they are not as important as mutations caused by factors such as radiation and chemical carcinogens; being careful about the environment and our lifestyle are effective ways of reducing our chances of developing cancer
Prof Peter Saunders, 3rd February 2016

First Commercial Bt-Maize was Toxic, Scientist and Farmer Confirm
German Farmer harassed and persecuted by Syngenta for years for finding its Bt-maize 176 highly toxic to his cows now tells the whole story
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 1st February 2016


Independent Scientists Manifesto on Glyphosate

Banishing Glyphosate

Updated 15th September 2015

Comprehensive and damning evidence links glyphosate herbicides with rising tides of cancers, birth defects, fatal kidney disease, sterility, and dozens of other illnesses. See here for more details

Ban GMOs Now

Ban GMOs Now

The most complete and up-to-date summary of the dangers of GM agriculture in 52 pages. Further details of this report are available here

Purchase a hardcopy from the ISIS bookstore, or download the PDF for free here (13 MB)

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