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“Monsanto, Out of China!”
On May 25 2013, anti-Monsanto demonstrations took place in 436 cities in 52 countries. With slogans such as “Either mankind will stop Monsanto, or Monsanto will stop mankind,” demonstrators called for the public to be aware of the dangers posed by GMO food
Chen-I-Wen, 21st May 2015

O2 Diving Towards Danger Point
Not only is O2 dropping faster than CO2 rising, it is diving towards the danger point much faster than previously thought, O2 accounting is urgently needed
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 18th May 2015

Announcing Science in Society 66 - Summer 2015
Ending GMOs Now | Health Watch | Freeing the World from GMOs | 100 % Renewables | No Nuclear | New Age of Water
ISIS, 15th May 2015

Letter of support and recognition of the work of Doctor Medardo Ávila Vazquez and his team
As the National University of Córdoba rejects the team's study on environmental health among the population of Monte Maíz, Argentina
Food sovereignty and Food Safety Commission, Argentina, 30th April 2015

Ten NGOs Ask China to Stop Producing Glyphosate to Protect World Health
Ten NGOs, including the Institute of Science in Society have written an open letter to the Chinese Ambassador to the UK asking China to suspend exports and imports of glyphosate herbicides while independent testing is carried out
GM Watch, 27th April 2015

Ending GMOs Now
Global rejection sent Monsanto profits plummeting, farmers abandoning GM crops in record numbers, reclassification of glyphosate as probable carcinogen triggering fresh calls for bans and restrictions; GMOs failing old and new, while organic and non-GMO markets continue booming; the days of GMOs are numbered, let’s hasten the demise
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 21st April 2015

Bt Brinjal Fails Two Years Running Risks Spreading Disease
Bt brinjal varieties planted all over the country die from disease prematurely or fail to fruit, and fail to protect against target pest; a moratorium must now be imposed as a matter of utmost urgency to prevent the spread of new disease to indigenous varieties
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 20th April 2015

Statins for the Healthy are Harmful
Current government guidelines recommending mass medication of healthy people with cholesterol-lowering statins pose unacceptable health risks according to independent evidence from randomized control trials and population studies
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 15th April 2015


Ban GMOs Now

Ban GMOs Now

The most complete and up-to-date summary of the dangers of GM agriculture in 52 pages. Further details of this report are available here

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