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Spiralling Cost of Nuclear Power Station
The estimated cost of building the Hinkley Point C power station has risen more than 4-fold in just over 6 years since the UK Parliament voted in favour of it based on insufficient information and misleading estimates...
Prof Peter Saunders, 25th February 2015

MMR Controversy Reignites
CDC senior scientist confesses "omitted data" on MMR vaccine safety, while whistleblower virologists accuse vaccine manufacturer of fraud, will the truth out at last?
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 23rd February 2015

Devastating Impacts of Glyphosate Use with GMO Seeds in Argentina
Widespread GM soybean cultivation and accompanying pesticide spraying is wreaking havoc on the health of millions
Dr Medardo Ávila-Vázquez, 18th February 2015

Announcing Science in Society 65 - Spring 2015
Age of Oil Ending? | Plastic Hazards in Our Oceans | 100 % Renewables | Freeing the World from GMOs | Save our seeds | Rethinking health | Sustainable World | SiS Review & Essay | Technology Watch
ISIS, 16th February 2015

Will GM Mosquitoes Increase Disease Spread by other Species?
Cautionary tale for GM and other control strategies as study highlights expansion of another invasive disease carrying mosquito in Panama
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji, 9th February 2015

Plastic Poisons in the Food Chain
Microscopic waste plastics are taken up by marine microbes to infiltrate and poison the entire food web in the oceans
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 2nd February 2015

Plastic Plague in Our Oceans
Plastics production has gone up 560-fold in just over 60 years to 280 million tonnes a year, less than half recycled or buried in landfills, the rest litter the oceans damaging marine life throughout the food chain; scientists call for the most toxic plastics to be classified hazardous waste, and ultimately for all plastics to be reused and recycled in closed-loop systems
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 28th January 2015

Age of Oil Ending?
Oil prices plunging to a five year low sparked a wave of downsizing in an industry desperate to rid itself of stranded assets; meanwhile renewable energy markets are booming with ‘100 % renewables’ on the climate action plan, and civil society grassroots movements are winning major campaigns to divest mega-investments from fossil fuels and leave oil in the ground
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 26th January 2015


Ban GMOs Now

Ban GMOs Now

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