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Statins for the Healthy are Harmful
Current government guidelines recommending mass medication of healthy people with cholesterol-lowering statins pose unacceptable health risks according to independent evidence from randomized control trials and population studies
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 15th April 2015

Low Fat and Low Saturated Fat Diet Bad for Health
Government guidelines on restricting dietary fat and saturated fat to reduce cholesterol and heart disease are bad for health according to evidence from independent studies
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 13th April 2015

Graphene Liquid Crystal Electric Dream Coat
Graphene and carbon nanotubes shaped into supercapacitor fibres by wet-spinning liquid crystal mesophases and other means for whole new generations of microelectronics and macroscale wearable applications
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 8th April 2015

All-Carbon Graphene Supercapacitors Coming
All carbon micro-devices with large capacities, paper-thin or whisker-thick, print or spun that will accompany whole new generations of consumer microelectronics and wearable electronics; there is an urgent need to design for reuse and recycling now
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 1st April 2015


Ban GMOs Now

Ban GMOs Now

The most complete and up-to-date summary of the dangers of GM agriculture in 52 pages. Further details of this report are available here

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